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1 million to ban the lion trade -- Send a message!

To South African President Zuma:

As citizens from around the world with great respect for South Africa and its magnificent natural heritage, we appeal to you to ban the cruel and senseless trade in lion bones and organs, which is encouraging an industry that could drive lions to the brink of extinction. We hope to be able to visit South Africa and support its tourism industry, and would like to recommend travel there to our friends. We urge you to remove the stain of the lion trade from your country's reputation and help us to support you with a clean conscience.

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1 million to ban the lion trade -- Send a message!
Thanks for signing! Now that our ads are being restored, all eyes are turning back to President Zuma and his lead Minister who have the power to protect South Africa's lions. Let's show them that this issue isn't going away and that the censorship of our campaign has only redoubled our commitment.

Use the form on the right to send them a message to ban the lion bone trade. Remember to be polite and to personalize what you say -- the more personal our messages are, the more influence they will have. If you need suggestions to get started, here are some points to consider including:

  • South Africa's lion population is shrinking fast;
  • These majestic animals draw visitors every year to South Africa and are part of South Africa's identity and culture;
  • Hunting farms that allow rich tourists to shoot fenced in lions are driving up demand and prices for their bones, making wild lions more likely to be poached;
  • You have the power to protect them;
  • Ban the trade in lion bones that is driving their cruel slaughter.

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