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Stop the mass extinction!

To world leaders:

We call on you to immediately make concerted efforts to halt climate disruption, extinctions, ecosystem degradation, environmental contamination, and to humanely stop human population growth and over-consumption where they now prevail. If we do not take action to immediately reverse these dangerous environmental trends, our world and the world of our children will be substantially degraded with respect to what we have today.

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It’s all over the news — scientists just released new research that says that we’re on the verge of a mass extinction of hundreds of species that "could easily, easily ruin the lives of everybody on the planet".

They say we’re losing countless species, from dolphins to elephants to rhinos, at rates up to 100 times higher than normal — and it’s dismantling Earth's whole biological framework. And it’s all because of us, the humans.

But they also say this: there is still time to stop it, though not much.

The scientists — some of the most highly respected in the world — have written a proposal to world leaders about how we can stop the mass extinction and literally save the world. They say the best chance we have of getting urgent action is if we share it everywhere, and educate everyone about what's happening.

Avaaz was made for moments exactly like this --our community makes up more than 1% of all internet users. If we each share it with one person that's 2%, 2 people that's 3% etc, etc... We could literally be the best chance to spread the word, and we can do it in days! Join now and share this urgent wake up call with everyone.

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