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NHS: emergency operation

Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt:

As past and future patients, we ask you to ensure that doctors decide how to manage our care. Forcing NHS contracts to include the private sector would undermine the founding principles of the free and universal health service which is the envy of the world. The new regulations must be written and then interpreted by Monitor in a way that puts decisions in doctors' hands. We count on you to resist corporate lobbying and keep the government’s promise not to privatise the NHS.

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NHS: emergency operation
They lied to us! The government said its NHS bill wouldn't lead to privatisation, but wants to allow profit-hungry companies to carve up key parts of our precious health service.

Opening all NHS contracts to private companies could pave the way for asset-stripping of our health facilities. The public fuss temporarily shelved these rules this week, and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is now drafting new guidelines to table in Parliament any day. Let’s hold his feet to the fire to ensure that doctors -- not giant corporations -- decide patients care.

Jeremy Hunt has a track record of chummy relations with corporate lobbyists, but we showed him our power when we got him to postpone, then ditch Rupert Murdoch’s massive BSkyB deal. Time is very short: let’s now build a massive petition to save the NHS, and circulate this email widely to friends and colleagues.

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