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Protect Peru's isolated peoples!

To Peruvian authorities:

We urge the Peruvian Congress and national authorities to stop any attempts that could bring about the extermination of isolated Indigenous Peoples and those in initial contact, such as Bill No. 3518/2022-CR (known as the "Genocide Bill”). Peru must respect the principles of non-contact and self-determination that protect these Indigenous Peoples. 

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Protect Peru's isolated peoples!

Update - June 28, 2023

Last Friday, the Peruvian “genocide bill” that could devastate the isolated people of the Peruvian Amazon was archived by the congressional committees. Indigenous people won this battle, supported by avaazers all around the globe and several allies. We will keep monitoring further threats against Indigenous peoples, and fighting to protect their rights worldwide and our planet!

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Peru's lawmakers are about to vote on a new law that could cause a genocide in the Amazon.

This hellish proposal has a target: the sacred lands of isolated Indigenous communities, who are unaware of the danger surrounding them.

Backed by miners, loggers and oil lobbyists, if this law passes, it could strip these isolated communities' of their land rights, and create a new wave of invasions, destruction, violence and deadly viruses.

We need to act. Fast!

Indigenous leaders from across the country have taken their plea to the press, organising protests and lobbying lawmakers. But they fear this won't be enough to stop the law. Now, they have asked our help to make this global -- hoping that a groundswell of support from global voices could tip the scales in their favor.

Let's answer their call -- add your voice now, and let's shield these communities from this hellish onslaught.

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