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Stop the poaching pandemic

Stop the poaching pandemic

The corona pandemic has upended human life in a million ways, and now it’s about to wreak havoc on wildlife.

Elephants, rhinos, pangolins, and gorillas: their survival depends on delicate, shoe-string budgets to fund their protection -- and Coronavirus has butchered that lifeline. An army of 40,000 rangers once protected these incredible animals. Now half could lose their jobs, leaving wildlife at the mercy of poachers and criminals.

But there's hope.

Throughout the pandemic, a scrappy team of undercover investigators has worked around the clock to track and prosecute bloodthirsty poaching rings in nine African countries. They're a poacher's worst nightmare -- already jailing thousands!

But now their funding is also on the rocks, and they need us more than ever.

This is our chance to be a lifeline for critically exposed and vulnerable wildlife. If enough of us chip in just the cost of a coffee, we could help lock up even more criminals, expose international trafficking networks, and accelerate our global campaigns to protect nature and save Earth's most vulnerable species. Donate what you can now -- let's stop this poaching pandemic before it begins!