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Stop the refugee hunters!

Stop the refugee hunters!
A band of racist pirates want to personally block desperate refugees from landing in Europe.

These far-right-wannabes managed to raise $160,000 with a crowdfunded appeal to rent a boat and patrol the Mediterranean, "intervene" with humanitarian NGOs helping refugees survive the journey, and drive boats back to the African coast.

There's no one that can respond to this ridiculous moment and these ridiculous people better than we can.

Here's how we'll crash their party:
  1. raise 10x the amount they did to show them that compassion still beats hate!
  2. block them at every port they try to land at to refuel, both through appeals to authorities and direct action
  3. expose them all over the media as the inept attention-seekers they are, rather than a meaningful movement
  4. push for a sane, compassionate refugee plan for Europe that undercuts the racist opposition at its heart
They could land at their first port by Saturday. Chip in the cost of a meal or a drink below and let's show the world that love is more powerful than hate!