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Stop the shark slaughter!

To the Brazilian government and governments worldwide:

We, concerned global citizens, urge you to swiftly implement a ban on the cruel shark fin trade and the import and export of shark meat. Protecting these species is crucial for marine ecosystems and biodiversity. By taking decisive action and closing all loopholes still allowing for shark slaughter, you will contribute to the preservation of our oceans and the sustainability of our planet.

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Recent signers

Stop the shark slaughter!
10,000 magnificent sharks were just slaughtered in Brazil for their fins.

The sharks’ spinal cord is crushed, and their fins sliced off. Paralyzed, but alive, they are thrown overboard and left to die – slowly and painfully.

Brazil banned harvesting fins, but left a huge loophole: It’s still legal to buy and sell them! Since it’s impossible to tell where fins come from, the butchers know they can get away with it as long as they can make it back to shore.

Banning the trade altogether is the only way to shut down this horrifying practice. The United States did exactly that last year, and Brazil could be the next country to stop the slaughter. But only if its leaders feel the pressure of an international outcry.

So sign now and we will deliver your voices directly to the politicians in Brazil who have the power to prevent the next massacre!

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