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No more shark slaughter!

To the Brazilian government and governments worldwide:

Stop the shark slaughter! We are shocked that 10,000 sharks in Brazil were killed to profit from their fins. We urge you to swiftly implement a ban on the cruel shark fin trade and the import and export of shark meat. By taking decisive action and closing all loopholes, you will contribute to the preservation of our oceans and the sustainability of our planet.

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Recent signers

No more shark slaughter!

Sharks have graced our planet for 450 million years. Today, their numbers are dwindling rapidly, as a result of a sustained assault by profit-driven overfishing. Recently, Brazilian authorities seized fins from 10,000 of these majestic creatures -- many of them endangered.

A disturbing loophole in Brazil's laws allows companies to make a fortune selling severed shark fins. So fishing fleets chasing massive profits pull in as many sharks as they can.

The only way to save the sharks from slaughter is an absolute ban on the fin trade. And it can happen! The United States passed such a ban last year, followed by the UK this year. Now Brazil must urgently do the same. Brazilian lawmakers plan to hold a hearing in the coming weeks – but to move Congress to action we need to ignite a global outcry too loud to be ignored.

Sign this petition now, and we will ensure that our voices are delivered directly to Brazilian lawmakers, reaching those who have the authority to prevent the next massacre.

Photo credit: Tommy Trenchard/Greenpeace

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