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Shutdown the whale slaughter safe harbour

To Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte:

As a signatory to the International Convention to Regulate Whaling, we call on you to stop the global trade in whales and prohibit the transit of whaling ships and whale meat through the Netherlands. Your actions can set a precedent that will save the Fin whales and could stop whaling in Europe for good.

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Shutdown the whale slaughter safe harbour
One of the most powerful men in Iceland is about to launch a hunting expedition to kill over 150 endangered fin whales in brazen disregard for international law. But his plan has a major weak link, and the Dutch government could step in to save the day, winning a big victory for endangered species everywhere.

70 year-old Kristjan Loftsson’s self-funded whale hunts and outlandish comments -- he claims whales “are just another fish” -- have made him one of the whale’s worst enemies. But standing between him and his customers in Japan is the Dutch government who can stop his whale meat transiting through the port of Rotterdam. If we call on the Dutch to live up to their environmentally conscious image, they could become Whale Heroes and send the whalers back to the drawing board.

We have just over a week before the whalers leave Reykjavik -- let's make sure Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte pledges to uphold the ban on trading endangered whales and keep Loftsson out. Sign the petition now and send this to everyone who loves whales! When we reach one million signers, we’ll create a massive stunt of fake beached whales on the Rotterdam waterfront that they won’t be able to turn a blind eye to.


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