Japan: stop the whale slaughter - hours left!

To all governments at the International Whaling Commission:

As global citizens horrified by Japan's slaughter of thousands of whales, despite a total global ban, we urge you to pass the resolution to stop the abuse of so-called "scientific whaling" and to approve the proposal for the creation of the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary, to allow whale populations to recover and regenerate.

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For 30 years Japan has been slaughtering thousands of beautiful whales, despite a total global ban -- but we can finally make it stop.

Right now, at an historic global summit on whaling, Australia is leading a coalition to help close the crazy loophole that has allowed Japan to keep whaling by claiming it’s for “scientific purposes”.

The result could be decided by one or two votes in just hours, but if we deliver a million signatures to delegates inside the meeting, we could help stop this whale slaughter for good. Sign now and tell everyone so we can reach our goal in time.

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