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Stop TISA the secret trade agreement

To EU Trade Commissioner Malmström, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and all negotiating parties:

The Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) currently under negotiation behind closed doors could promote the privatisation of our water supplies and health system, facilitate the transfer of European bank data into the US, and introduce undemocratic private courts. We call for a halt of the secret negotiations on TISA and the publication of the EU negotiation mandate.

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Recent signers

Stop TISA the secret trade agreement

Right now, our governments are negotiating a new shady deal that could end up handing our drinking water to unaccountable multinationals, and our personal details to US banks. But we, EU citizens, can stop it.

Negotiated behind closed doors, TISA - the Trade in Services Agreement - has far-reaching consequences for all of us: from the privatisation of our water, health and electricity services to the violation of our privacy and threats to internet freedom.

But we know what we need to avoid this. Massive citizen's protests have already put a spanner in the works of similar trade agreements like the so-called TTIP. Now a huge public outcry can turn TiSA upside down.

We have just days left
before the next round of negotiations starts -- if raise 1 million voices from across the EU now, Avaaz will storm Geneva and deliver our message to key media outlets and decision-makers. Click on the right to protect our essential services from greedy corporations and spread the word.

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