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Stop the whalers

To the Government of Iceland:

As concerned global citizens who care about the protection of endangered whales we call upon you to immediately cease all whaling activities, including the impending fin whale season. Until you do, and for as long as Iceland supports whaling, we pledge not to travel to Iceland. We will choose instead to spend our tourism money in a country that believes that endangered animals are worth saving.

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Stop the whalers
Fin whales are majestic creatures – the second largest mammal in the world. Iceland is about to hunt and kill 150 of these beautiful animals – but we can turn the boats around if we show the government how much this horrific hunt will hurt the bottom line.

So far, Icelanders have supported whaling, but polls say they’d change their mind if it was hurting the economy. We’ve got just days to prove it will, so here’s the plan: 1 million people pledging they won’t visit Iceland as long as it supports whaling, and rapid polls in the UK and US – Iceland’s key tourism providers – showing that the hunt kills tourism, not just whales. We’ll take the call straight to Iceland’s tourism and fishing ministers and tell them to stop the slaughter.

Right now, the boats are at the docks, sharpening their harpoons for the season. Let’s make sure they don’t get any further. Sign now and share everywhere – there’s just days to save the fin whales!

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