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Citizens against the arms lobby!

To Chancellor Merkel and all members of the security council:

As concerned citizens, we demand that you ban weapons exports to Saudi Arabia and introduce transparency and public oversight into all arms exports to ensure that Germany is not caving in to the arms lobby and supporting human rights violations abroad. Secret weapons deals damage German democracy, ethics and international reputation.

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Recent signers

Citizens against the arms lobby!

While brave people across the Arab world oust dictators, Merkel is about to supply Saudi despots with powerful Leopard battle tanks, optimized for clearing crowds and fighting protesters in urban areas – unless public pressure can stop the plan.

  Germany is not legally allowed to send weapons of war to crisis regions, and certainly not to Saudi Arabia, which sends tanks to crush democracy protests in Bahrain. But Merkel is about to cave to the powerful arms lobby -- a decision that split the government, pitting her against ministers and CDU leaders. Our outcry now can drown out arms dealers and stop this deal.

It’s right down to the wire: Merkel and the Security Council could meet in secret any day and make the final decision. Let’s build a massive petition to give opponents of this bloody deal the support they need to stand up to the arms lobby and urge our government to protect democracy protesters everywhere. As soon as we reach 100,000 signers, we’ll deliver our voices spectacularly with a "peace" tank in the heart of Berlin. Sign the petition now -- for each 100 signatures, we will add a blooming flower to the surface of the tank: 

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