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Sudan: Enough is Enough

To the UN Security Council member countries:

We call on you to take decisive action to stop the brutal ethnic cleansing ongoing in Sudan, including making all efforts to arrest President al-Bashir and others indicted by the International Criminal Court, imposing robust sanctions on those responsible for mass killings, and fulfilling your responsibility to protect the people of Sudan. For too long the world has watched al-Bashir commit grave crimes against humanity, and offered only words of condemnation. It is time for action.

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Sudan: Enough is Enough

Sudan's President al-Bashir is the world's worst mass murderer. Indicted by the International Criminal Court for genocide, he has for 20 years repeatedly butchered whole communities that challenged his rule. And it's happening again -- unless we stop him for good.

Right now he's bombing women and children in the Nuba mountains, while his militias go door to door slitting the throats of whole families. For decades, world leaders have shamefully allowed al-Bashir's unspeakable brutality so they could maintain access to his regime's large oil reserves. But this week things are changing -- Sudan is splitting apart, inflation and food prices are sky-rocketing, and Bashir's grip on power is at its weakest ever.

Let's send a massive message to our leaders that enough is enough and demand they end their shocking inaction now: by arresting this monster, levying powerful sanctions on his cabal, and committing to protect the people of Sudan from genocide. Click below to sign and tell everyone -- we'll deliver the petition to UN Security Council members when we reach 300,000 signatures.

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