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Save Syria's Disappeared

To the leaders of India, Brazil, South Africa, Kuwait and Qatar:

We call on you to send a human rights delegation to Syria immediately to investigate and press for an end to the disappearances of nearly 3000 innocent Syrians. It is time to end the regime's bloodshed, bring justice to victims and their families and push for a democratic, peaceful future.

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Recent signers

Save Syria's Disappeared

Muntaha's sixteen year old son was abducted from a peaceful democracy protest by Syrian security forces. She has spent the last eight weeks scouring the country for her child -- braving warnings from the Syrian regime that her other son would also be "disappeared" if she continued with her search. Our urgent action now can help her son and the thousands of other disappeared Syrians.

Since March, almost 3000 people have been taken by regime forces and disappeared into secret jails. The international community has spoken out, but done little to stop this attack -- but India, Brazil and South Africa have close ties to Syria and could push for an international human rights delegation to find the missing and reunite families with their loved ones.

Our massive global membership can force key leaders to act now, pressuring Syria to allow an international delegation to investigate the thousands of disappeared. Sign the petition -- it is being delivered by high profile media outlets around the world including the Times of India, the Guardian, CNN and El País.


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