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Taiwan: End the Pig Sacrifice Torture

To Taiwan Premier Mr. Su Tseng-chang, and all legislators :

The "God Pig” weighing contest clearly violates Taiwan's animal protection law. As concerned citizens around the world, we urge you to take immediate action to end the pig sacrifice torture!

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Recent signers

Taiwan: End the Pig Sacrifice Torture

Meet Ah-Yi, a three-year-old "God Pig". He has been caged since he was one, in a cell so small that he can barely move. Now Ah-Yi is three, and he has been force fed and grown to 5 times the size of normal pigs.

Soon Ah-Yi will be tied up, weighed and "sacrificed" as part of a grotesque contest to raise the heaviest pig. The owner of the "winning pig" is honoured with prizes and pride, leaving behind the howls and blood of tortured pigs.

Animal protection groups have been trying to save Ah-Yi and pigs like him that are being tortured in the name of religion and tradition. But Taiwan’s government has been reluctant to stand up to religious groups. With enough international pressure, we can help change this.

The "God Pig” weighing contest clearly violates Taiwan's animal protection law. Sign now to make your voice heard. When enough of us show our support, we will team up with local partners to deliver our demand and make sure that animal protection laws are enforced.

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