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Stop the pollution pandemic

To: Boris Johnson:

As citizens concerned by the high levels of pollutants in our capital - and particularly by the fact that Oxford Street has the highest levels of nitrogen dioxide of anywhere in the world - we call on you to deliver the Ultra Low Emissions zone by the end of 2015, and to take other urgent measures to clean up London’s air. Every day of delay brings more severe health risks to thousands of people across the capital; urgent action cannot wait.

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Stop the pollution pandemic
It’s just been revealed that London is awash with killer pollutants, making it one of the dirtiest capitals in the world. At its epicentre, Oxford Street has higher levels of toxic pollutant nitrogen dioxide - linked with asthma and heart attacks - than anywhere else on the globe.

Diesel-powered buses and taxis lie at the heart of this air pollution crisis -- a crisis which already kills 4,000 people a year. And while the Mayor has taken 20% of these vehicles off the road, it’s nowhere near enough. If we are to stop the return to a Victorian era of smog - which will have disastrous effects across the country - we need to demand Boris Johnson stops the pollution pandemic now.

Let’s call on Boris to allow only hybrid buses and taxis down Oxford Street and to bring forward his Ultra Low Emissions plan to be in place next year, not in the dim and distant future. Our health can’t wait. Sign and share this petition with everyone -- once we hit 50,000, we’ll deliver this to Boris with ads across Metro and The Standard demanding the Mayor cleans up our air.

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