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The Confederate Flag Needs to Go

The South Carolina State House, the South Carolina State Senate, Governor Nikki Haley, and all local and State governments across the United States:

Emblems of hate, division, and racism have no place in our democracy. After the horrific attack in Charleston, it's time to take down the Confederate flag once and for all -- from all government buildings, all State-issued license plates, and all State sponsored merchandise. 

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The Confederate Flag Needs to Go

At the statehouse in Columbia, the South Carolina capital, the Confederate flag is still flying high, even as the American flag is at half mast.

After Wednesday's horrific racially motivated massacre in Charleston, the very least we can do is unite in demanding that this flag, the most visible symbol of racist nostalgia for an era of slavery and American apartheid, be immediately taken down from public buildings in South Carolina, and across the US.

We have a chance to channel this horror into a flicker of hope if we use it to strip the racist rebel flag from the State house, and every government building it adorns across the south. Sign now and spread the word, and we'll join hands with national and state groups across the American south to push this to victory.

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