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A brilliant idea to save the rhinos

To the Government of South Africa:

As concerned citizens we urgently call upon you to save rhinos from extinction through a bold national effort to make their horns unsafe for human consumption. So long as Rhino horns are demanded as expensive health products, organized criminals will risk all to get them. Poaching is getting worse, but a new approach where Rhino horns are made toxic is exactly what is needed to stamp out demand once and for all. Private owners are already doing this, and if you take it up nationally, we could save the remaining rhinos for the world and future generations. Together, let’s end rhino poaching permanently.

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The world’s rhinos are disappearing, one by one brutally tortured and slaughtered by poachers. Now there’s a brilliant new idea that could save them, but it needs the force of this community behind it to work.

Rhino horns are worth more than gold or cocaine because rich elites in Asia buy them for bogus natural “remedies” -- so criminals will risk anything to rip them off these gentle giants. But experts have found a way to poison the horns that’s perfectly safe for rhinos while making them dangerous for human consumption and some private rhino owners have already started doing it. If we get South Africa to adopt this strategy, that could be enough to shut down demand for horns and save the rhinos.

South Africa is trying for a key leadership position at an upcoming global meeting on conservation -- if we flood them with the massive public pressure Avaaz is known for, we could convince them. But we’re almost out of time -- every 8 hours another rhino dies, and in many countries they’re totally gone. Click below to sign the urgent petition calling on South Africa to poison the rhino poaching and share this with everyone.

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