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Update: May 13 2011
Great news -- the bill has has been shelved! Together, we've won a major fight for equality and justice. Over 1.6 million of us signed the petition opposing the anti-gay bill, tens of thousands of us called our heads of state, and we helped make the attack on gay rights in Uganda a major international news story -- and it worked.

Today, under intense global pressure, the Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament blocked the anti-gay bill from coming to a vote in the emergency session. Now Parliament has closed and the bill has been wiped from the books. It's not necessarily gone for good, but to be considered again, it would have to be reintroduced as a new bill and go through the whole Parliamentary process -- which took 18 months last time.

Our global outcry made it clear that the world is watching, and demanding that human rights be respected everywhere. Today, we can join activists in Uganda in celebration of a victory that could save thousands of lives.

Tips and Guidelines for the call:

  1. Use the "call-in widget" above to find the number of your leader.
  2. Call the number and be calm and respectful --
  3. State that:
  • You urge your leader to make immediate statements and take all necessary steps to oppose the passing of the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality bill.
  • Explain that this bill is a violation of international conventions on human rights, and the Ugandan constitution, which guarantee freedom of expression, thought, and a right to life. Highlight that it is wrong that people should be persecuted and killed based on creed, nationality or sexual orientation.
  • Emphasise that the courageous and inspiring members of the Ugandan homosexual community deserve our full support now.
  • Finish by once again urging your leader for immediate action -- citizens of the world are standing up against hateful legislation in Uganda, but all governments that espouse a foreign policy of democracy and human rights need to stand firmly now on the side of homosexual Ugandans.
You don't need to follow these talking points exactly and your personal message will make it more powerful.

If you don't get through, it probably means we're jamming their lines -- a good sign! KEEP CALLING! Remember, most government offices work from 9am - 5pm, if you miss office hours please try again tomorrow. It's important we keep calling right up until the weekend.

After your call post a comment on the right to report on how it went. Avaaz is also running a petition against the bill -- please use the tools below to encourage your friends and family to sign it:

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