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Supermarkets: stop the superbugs!

To the CEOs of Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Aldi, the Co-op and Waitrose:

As citizens and consumers concerned about the rise of untreatable superbugs, we call on you to put in place an immediate plan for phasing out the routine use of antibiotics in groups of healthy animals and to dramatically reduce the use of "emergency" antibiotics. As the biggest retailers in Britain, you wield unique power over the meat supply chain and a moral responsibility to keep the British public safe -- we count on you to act.

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Supermarkets: stop the superbugs!

Explosive new research out today shows that meat in British supermarkets is infested with drug-resistant superbugs. Unless we act fast, we and our loved ones soon won’t be able to use antibiotics to fight off bacteria, and millions of people will die needlessly.

Seven people hold the key to stop this madness.

Seven big supermarkets sell 90% of UK food, so if we make their bosses personally responsible for stopping millions of people dying from minor infections, they could force farms to raise animals responsibly, free of superbugs.

Today’s headlines give the perfect moment to act. Let’s raise a giant call for the supermarket seven to close the death factories and save our antibiotics, then take it to each boss in turn. They’re sensitive to their reputations, and if we make this massive, we can win -- sign the urgent call!

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