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Stop Brexit: Join the movement


We respect the Brexit vote, but consider the campaign too flawed, the consequences too dire, and our political leaders unable to make it work for the public good. We commit to participate in a national conversation to reunite our divided country, and build a manifesto to forge a new relationship with Europe from the bottom up. Finally, as Leave leaders have jumped ship, we call on all political parties to commit to a new choice between any UK exit package and Breturn either through a Parliamentary vote, a general election, or a new referendum.

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Stop Brexit: Join the movement
After the referendum to leave the EU our country has imploded, and there is a growing sense that this is a seismic disaster that could lead to the break up of Great Britain.

Leave leaders have rolled back on key NHS and immigration promises and not a single political leader is presenting a plan or giving us assurances on how this will benefit us. Instead those that brought this on have resigned, recognising Brexit as a poisoned chalice.

The campaign cry was to take back control. Now there is no one in control!

Whether we voted Leave or Remain, we all want stability and cooperation, not conflict and collapse. We should respect the vote, but be clear the campaign was too flawed, the consequences too dire, and now our leaders appear unable to make it work.

The United Kingdom is at stake. Our best chance is to launch a plan to Stop Brexit today -- a campaign to build bridges, respectfully generate informed public backing for Europe, and demand a choice between any UK exit package and returning to the EU. Join now and share everywhere.

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