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UK: How to stop the Tabloid Tyrants

Tabloid tyrants smear and harass people and use their publishing power to pressure politicians and skew our politics. But we have a rare opportunity to change this -- right now the government wants to hear from us. Lets flood the official consultation with messages to limit the power media bosses have in our democracy.

Use the tool on the right to email the Minister for Media, Culture and Sport now. Here are some points to consider, but make your message personal to get the maximum impact.

  • I welcome the Department of Media, Culture and Sport consultation on the 'excessive influence' that media barons can put on politicians, as catalogued by the Leveson Report.

  • The best way to end excessive influence is to cap how much of the media any one person or company can own.

  • Other countries already have these kinds of rules, including the US, France and Germany. As Minister of State, I urge you to consider a 20% cap on ownership.

Your comments will feed directly into the public consultation and will appear in the live comments stream on the right. Please enter your full name and remember to be polite.

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