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This election Avaaz and Open Democracy have been monitoring the media's coverage of the election. Our research found that the Daily Mail and the Murdoch media have been pushing a fear agenda. Forget any kind of balance or deliberative debate on policies -- our research shows that the mainstream media has preferred engaging with dirty personality attacks over serious discussion on policies. The reason? The Murdoch and Mail Media Mafia fear that a Government comprised of a blend of Labour, LibDems and Greens could introduce much-needed new media laws and help to unclench their grip over Britain’s democracy. Let’s use our people-power to make this Murdoch’s last stand, urging the 25% of undecided voters to cross their ballot paper with love and hope, not fear and hate. It's a real David vs Goliath fight but together we can challenge Murdoch's smear-machine by calling on our friends to share this image on social media or place the poster in your front window — click now to let hope win: FACEBOOK