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Volunteering - Important Information and Sign Up


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Volunteering to support refugees in the UK is an act of courage and love for humanity, and we can’t thank you enough for considering it. This page includes important information and answers key questions -- please read it all before taking the next step.

Please scroll to the bottom to volunteer.

What you need to know before volunteering

1. Who's getting involved?

Avaaz has partnered with Citizens UK, an alliance of community organisations, to make this project possible. Citizens UK has a refugee resettlement project in place, and our community is working with them to lobby local councils and volunteer in other ways. By signing up to volunteer you'll be given the opportunity to join that project.

2. What do we need?

We’re looking for people who can pledge to volunteer their time and energy to help in their local area should refugees be resettled there. You could help out in a number of ways:

  • Personally lobbying your local council to increase the number of refugees being resettled there
  • Welcoming newly arrived refugees and assisting with orientation
  • Providing english language support
  • Mentoring refugees to help with integration and accessing public services
  • Offering housing or hosting refugees

3. Will volunteers receive specialised training?

Yes. Through our campaign partner, Citizens UK, you will be fully trained and guided through any volunteering you do. In the event that you volunteer to lobby your council, you’ll be connected with other volunteers in your area who will support you either on the phone, through the provision of materials, or with a training session in your area.

4. What skills do volunteers need?

For volunteers to lobby their councils they need only have the passion to persuade their local politicians — Citizens UK will provide the rest you need in terms of training materials and coaching. For any other volunteering you do, you’ll be trained and guided accordingly.

5. What are the timelines?

Our most urgent need is for people to lobby their local councils. As soon as you volunteer for this role, you will be contacted by Citizens UK who will walk you through the process and get you started. Other forms of volunteering could have a longer waiting period as it depends on when refugees are finally resettled in your area. Your pledge to volunteer will be presented to local councils as evidence that people are willing to help with process of resettlement and overall viability of the project. Your pledge will only be realised if the local council agrees to resettle refugees, at which point you will be connected through Citizens UK to a local organisation co-ordinating volunteers on the ground. If you would like to volunteer before then, Citizens UK can connect you to other refugee projects that require volunteers in your area.


For additional information contact us at info@avaaz.org -- Avaaz staff will consult with Citizens UK and respond to questions as soon as we can.

Choose to Volunteer

This is the moment when you choose whether to raise your hand, and embark on this journey. You can still withdraw after this, but signing this form tells Avaaz and our community that you’re willing to do go the extra mile.

If you choose to volunteer, please first leave a message for our community about yourself and why you are deciding to step forward. Your words have the power to inspire others to take this step. Then use the button below to proceed to the intake form.