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UK Media: Stop the hate

To the Sun, Daily Mail and all UK media:

We, the people of the United Kingdom, stand against hate. We call on those editors who tar our country’s reputation by fuelling xenophobia and racism to step down, and pledge to confront racists wherever they are.

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Recent signers

UK Media: Stop the hate

“No More Polish Vermin" -- that's what was posted through the letterboxes of many Polish families this weekend. Hundreds of racist incidents have been reported, and there is one way we can help stop them spreading.

Far-right radicals and neo-nazis have been emboldened by reckless media that spread hateful headlines. Now these violent extremists feel that over half the country is behind them, and they’re taking their hate to the streets. Whichever way we voted in the referendum, we can all reject this racism, by demanding an end to hysterical and misleading headlines that whip up xenophobia.

If enough of us call for it, we can make it untenable for newspapers like the Daily Mail and The Sun to fan the flames of hate, and editors will know their jobs depend on responsible journalism. Add your voice now, using the box on the right, to reject racism and hold the media to account.

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