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Bring Ukraine's stolen children back home

To governments across the world:

As citizens and parents around the world, we are horrified that thousands of Ukrainian children are being taken by Putin and his officials for re-education and adoption in Russia. Such acts are a blatant violation of international law and we call on you for urgent action to ensure the safe return of all Ukrainian children. We urge you to announce new sanctions on those responsible, and demand accountability for anyone involved in such grave violations of international law.

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Bring Ukraine's stolen children back home

Investigators just confirmed that thousands of children have been taken from Ukraine by Russia and put to re-education camps. And many families have almost no way to get them back.

So far there's been no outcry on behalf of Ukraine's stolen children -- but we can change that right now!

Every single one of our governments must speak out immediately and issue a united call to bring Ukraine's children home, and hold those responsible to account. Sign now and Avaaz will deliver our call with a massive media stunt outside the European Council, pushing our leaders to act.

Together we can force this horror onto the global stage in hours -- sign your name and pass this on, fast!

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