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Urgent: Hours for Palestine

To President Abbas:

As concerned citizens, we urge you to stand with the Palestinian people in the face of US pressure, and bring Palestinian statehood to a vote before the full United Nations assembly. Now is the time for you to lead the Palestinian people’s next, crucial step toward freedom -- and help them enjoy the benefits of the Middle East's inspiring movement for democracy.

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Urgent: Hours for Palestine

2pm New York, 23 Sept 2011: President Abbas just submitted his request for a Palestinian state to the Secretary General and made his speech at the General Assembly to a standing ovation. He said: "the loss of hope is the most ferocious enemy of peace...despair is the strongest ally of extremism". Let's keep hoping, signing, calling, and sending messages to make sure our voices are heard and all the nations can vote for Palestine!

12.00 New York, 23 Sept 2011: Avaaz members in New York are right now outside the UN delivering our 1 million strong petition (see above). Abbas is about to deliver his speech and debate on the Palestinian bid for statehood will be raging all day. Let's keep the ramping up the pressure for a General Assembly vote and shaping the media narrative of this moment. Sign the petition and scroll down to take more action now!

Qatar and Saudi Arabia are, amazingly, lobbying to stop Palestine's bid for statehood and opposing a vote for all nations in the General Assembly. Let's flood them with calls asking them to stand with their neighbours and let the world vote!

Qatar (UN mission) -- +1 (212) 486-9335, +1 (212) 486-9336
or send an email - qatar-e@qatarmission.org

Saudi Arabia mission to the UN - +1 (212) 557-1525 -- then press "0"
or send an email - Saudi-mission@un.int

Despite clear statements that they support the move to Palestinian statehood, the UK and Germany are still on the fence about how they will vote. Let's flood them with calls and emails in New York asking them to announce their support and push them to get the world to vote at the General Assembly!

For the UK UN Mission call: + 1 (212) 745 9200 or email: UK@UN.int
For the German UN Mission call: +1 (212) 940 04 00 or email: info@new-york-un.diplo.de

Here are some talking points to use as a guide when you make your call:

    - we have had 40 years of occupation, repression, colonization
    - decades of failed and fake peace talks
    - now, freedom sweeping arab world - time for Palestine

    - decades of peace talks only lead to steady colonization
    - for too long Jerusalem has held this process hostage
    - this will balance the equation - two legitimate states each with international support

    - majorities of people everywhere and 2/3rds of world leaders support Palestine statehood
    - US veto dominates Security Council, but General Assembly can declare a state
    - Abbas must stand up to US pressure and take this to General Assembly

Remember to be polite -- we'll be far more convincing if we are reasonable and courteous. If you don't get through, it probably means we're jamming their lines -- a good sign! Keep calling!

Most government offices work from 9am - 5pm. After your call, post a comment on the right to share your experience with others across the world in the live chat.


Let's increase our impact by calling other important countries, calling the media, or sending messages to leaders facebook or twitter pages. Below are the contact details of more key countries as well as some background info.

The US has been pressuring Security Council members Colombia, Bosnia, Nigeria and Gabon to vote against the bid there. But if it is taken to the General Assembly, the US cannot dominate the vote and these countries can vote with their conscience. Let's flood them with calls and emails in New York asking them to announce their support and push them to get the world to vote at the General Assembly!

For the Bosnian Mission call: +1 (212) 751 90 15 or email: bihun@mfa.gov.ba
For the Colombian Mission call: +1 (212) 355 7776 or email: Colombia@colombiaun.org
For the Nigerian Mission call: +1 (212) 953-9130 or email: permny@nigeriaunmission.org For the Gabon Mission call: +1 (212) 686-9720

Portugal and Italy are opposing Palestinian statehood. Let's flood them with calls and emails in New York asking them to support for this legitimate bid and push them to get the world to vote at the General Assembly! For the Italian Mission call: +1 (212) 486 9191 or e-mail: info.italyun@esteri.it
For the Portuguese Mission email:Portugal@un.int

The US is on an all out campaign to block this vote. Let's flood them with calls and emails in New York to show the massive global public opposition to their tactics and asking them to stop holding this process hostage and let the world vote at the General Assembly!

For the US UN mission call: +1 212-415-4062 or send an email using their webform: http://archive.usun.state.gov/Issues/Contact2.html

Let’s also spread our views through the media. Call, email, Tweet or Facebook message your favourite TV or radio station.

And let the BBC World Service know your views -- they’ll have a major programme on this today, with 100 million listeners. Email worldhaveyoursay@bbc.com, post a message at https://www.facebook.com/worldhaveyoursay, and Tweet your views with one or more of: @BBC_WHYS, @RosAtkins, @nualamcgovern, @MRSandell, @bensutherland

The show is on the air right now! Why not call or SMS the studio live? Phone: +44 20 70 83 72 72
Text: +44 77 86 20 60 80

Post to the Facebook page of British Foreign Secretary William Hague

After our massive public pressure, Spain and France have come out in support of a Palestinian state. Now we need to flip the UK, which is still on the fence. Use the talking points above to help you write a message on William Hague's facebook page. Or copy the message below and click the link below to paste it on his page:

Click to reach to Sec. Hague's page

Send a tweet to the Presidents of Brazil and France, who supported a UN General Assembly vote on Palestine statehood in their speeches to UN delegates this week!

Thank these countries for supporting Palestine!