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India and US - Stop Syria's death dealer

To Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and US President Barack Obama:

We call on you to cancel existing and future contracts with Rosoboronexport until it halts all weapons sales to Syria. Russia's Rosoboronexport is the main supplier of weapons to the Syrian regime -- weapons used to massacre thousands of people. India and the US together make up over 50% of Russian arms sales. Your threat to withdraw this lucrative source of income could save Syrian lives and stop the spiral of violence.

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India and US - Stop Syria's death dealer
A citizen journalist captured an image of Syrian tanks firing in Homs.

Today another 27 children's bodies were found massacred in Syria. To stop this horror, we need to cut off the flow of arms to the regime. There is one way to do it, but it's going to take all of us working together to make it happen.

Here’s how: India and the US are key clients to Syria’s main weapons supplier -- the state-owned Russian company Rosoboronexport. If we can get the two countries to threaten to halt all deals unless the Russians stop supporting Syria's murder machine, the arms dealers could be forced to stop their Syria sales. Both the US and India want to stop the violence in Syria, but diplomacy is failing. This is their best chance -- let's give them a massive mandate to act.

The US has already persuaded the company to stop light weapons sales to Syria. Now if we can build up the pressure on India and get both countries to speak out, Rosoboronexport could be forced to cut Syria's arms supply completely. Sign the urgent petition to stop dealing death to Syria and tell everyone -- our call will be delivered to both countries and Rosoboronexport at a massive arms fair in Paris in 3 days.

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