US Climate Heroes: Bypass Trump!

To US mayors, governors and CEOs:

We call on you to work together to collectively meet US national climate goals regardless of what the Trump administration does. It’s in your power -- set ambitious 100% clean energy targets, move towards green transportation, and stop supporting any new fossil fuel projects. Without the US, we’re in serious danger -- and if Trump lets the world down, our future is in your hands.

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One man could destroy our future. Yep, Donald Trump.

He doesn’t even need the nuclear codes -- he just needs to keep his promise to pull out of the Paris climate agreement, and have massive polluters like India or Russia follow suit!

But we’ve got a silver bullet: bypass Trump.

New York, California and Google have raised their climate ambitions after Trump’s election -- if we get them to build a coalition of US cities, states and businesses to collectively meet the US climate target, the Paris agreement can hold. Let's send a million voices directly to their doorsteps!

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