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Keep the Internet free

 To US lawmakers and FCC Commissioners:

The Internet has opened up new worlds of information, innovation and democratic expression for billions of people. As people across the United States, we stand with President Obama in calling for the "strongest possible rules" governing Net Neutrality, which includes reclassification of broadband service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. It is time to ensure open and equal access to free speech on the Net.

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Keep the Internet free
The next few days are critical to keep corporations from killing the Net as we know it.

Verizon alone has spent $100 million lobbying for new powers to decide
which sites load fast (hint: if you're a huge company paying Verizon big bucks, your site will fly; if you’re a citizen journalist or a cash-strapped startup, good luck). But President Obama recently demanded the "strongest possible rules," and his top regulator has indicated that he'll follow through. The biggest thing holding them back is fear of a Republican backlash to strip their authority if they do the right thing.

FCC regulators are proposing strong new rules prohibiting Internet discrimination and planning to pass them in a few weeks. Let's show anyone who would attack them for defending democracy that we're not going away until the free Net is protected. Sign the petition to Congress not to kill Internet equality. When we get enough signatures to show the public is concerned, Avaazers will descend on the US Capitol to deliver our call directly to key Senate and House committees. Sign now, then pass it on.

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