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US: Stop the forest massacre!

To US lawmakers:

As citizens from across the world, we support new legislation to stop the import, procurement and sale of products linked to unchecked deforestation, forest degradation, environmental crime, and human rights violations across the globe. Forests are a critical defence against global climate change and biodiversity loss, and are home to millions of plants and animals, as well as many proud Indigenous peoples. We urge you to pass crucial US legislation on deforestation this year.

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Recent signers

US: Stop the forest massacre!

All over the world, ancient forests that sustain life on Earth are being destroyed to produce beef, palm oil, cocoa, timber, and paper for ever-hungry consumer markets like the US.

Now we have a HUGE chance to fight back!

Legislators in the US are considering powerful new laws to keep forest-killing products out of the country. This could be a game-changer – the US is home to many of the world’s biggest companies, and these laws could transform global supply chains and help protect these precious forests, and the people and animals who call them home.

But first we have to get the laws passed, and fast. Elections are looming, so let's show US lawmakers that citizens across the world want them to act. Let's reach 1 million global voices, and Avaaz will team up with partners to deliver a massive call to stop the forest massacre that threatens us all!

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