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Congress​​​​: Protect the right to abortion

To the US Supreme Court and the US Congress :

As concerned citizens in this country, we reject the leaked Supreme Court draft majority opinion that would overturn the right to a safe and legal abortion across the US. This will have devastating consequences on those who need legal protection the most. We call on you to hear the overwhelming majority in favor of safe and legal abortion in this country, and urgently protect access to abortion under federal law.

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Congress​​​​: Protect the right to abortion
It's happening: the Supreme Court is preparing to strike down Roe v. Wade, ending nearly fifty years of legal abortion as a constitutional right for women, girls and anyone capable of becoming pregnant.

This will not stop abortions: it will just make them more dangerous. Twenty-six states would likely impose near-total bans on abortion almost immediately, with crushing effects on the most vulnerable.

Protests are already happening right now! So here’s how we fight back for our rights: with the biggest movement ever to protect abortion access under federal law. Add your name now, share it everywhere, and when it’s huge, we’ll work with allies to make our call unstoppable in Congress, and protect abortion rights across the country.

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