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Walmart: Low Prices, Dirty Money

To Attorney General Holder and Chairman Schapiro:

We call on you to open an investigation into the allegations reported by The New York Times that Walmart executives engaged in a massive bribery scheme in Mexico and then sought to cover it up. The allegations suggest that this conspiracy went all the way to the top of the corporation and that CEO Mike Duke and former CEO Lee Scott were aware of the illegal acts, failed to report them, failed to institute a system to control them, and may have acted affirmatively to hide them. If this is true, we call on you to hold those responsible individually liable.  

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Walmart: Low Prices, Dirty Money
This weekend, The New York Times broke an explosive story: Walmart paid $24 million in bribes to Mexican officials so they could dominate the market -- and then top executives in the U.S. tried to cover it up. It’s yet another example of greedy CEOs thinking they can get away with rampant corruption -- but this time, we can prove them wrong.

Under U.S. law, the prosecutors have a choice: they can let the company off the hook with a hefty fine, or they can send a message to the corporate world and put Walmart’s bosses in prison. Walmart is lawyering up and betting they can negotiate the former, but we have an ace up our own sleeves: the prosecutors work for us. Let’s let them know we want these individuals held to account, personally.

Sign the petition now and if we reach 100,000 signatures, we’ll deliver it in spectacular fashion to the Department of Justice and the SEC.


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