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Wi-Fi for Fishers' Rights

To Taiwan’s government :

As citizens from across the globe concerned about labor rights abuses in Taiwan’s fishing industry, we urge you to make encrypted Wi-Fi on Taiwanese distant water fishing vessels mandatory. More than 22,000 fishers, primarily migrants from Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam, work in Taiwan’s distant water fleet. They catch fish that end up on plates all over the world. Wi-Fi is necessary to ensure fundamental labor and human rights, it is the most basic access point to communication, information, and relationships while fishers are working at sea.

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Recent signers

Wi-Fi for Fishers' Rights

Nofian worked on a fishing boat for 15 months straight without any way to contact the outside world. When he finally went ashore and heard from his family in Indonesia, he learned that they never received his salary which they depended on, and as a result, his wife had left him.

This is what the lives of thousands of fishers on Taiwanese fishing vessels are like. They can't even seek help when they get sick or are abused.

Installing Wi-Fi on board will make a huge difference.

Taiwan’s government cares deeply about its human rights reputation, and a global outcry can push Taiwan to make Wi-Fi mandatory on all their distant water fishing vessels. Join now! Avaaz will work with allies to deliver our voices straight to the Taiwanese government!

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