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EU: Polluters must pay

To European Energy Ministers and Heads of State:

As concerned citizens across Europe, we urge you to tax the obscene profits that fossil fuel companies and financial institutions are earning profiteering from the global energy crisis prompted by Putin’s war in Ukraine. That money must be channeled back to European citizens to protect them from soaring energy prices and to superpower Europe’s sustainable energy future – boosting efficiency and solar capacity so that by 2030 at least half of the EU is fully powered by renewable energy.

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Recent signers

EU: Polluters must pay

This is just obscene -- while millions of Europeans will be struggling to heat their homes this winter, fossil fuel companies are cashing in on BILLIONS, reporting record-breaking profits.

It is time to stop this madness!

Finally, the European Commission is considering taxing the extra profits of fossil fuel companies and giving the money back to European citizens to pay their bills and to invest in clean energy. In days, energy ministers from across Europe are meeting to vote on this proposal -- let’s launch a massive citizen outcry to make polluters pay so we can heat our homes and fight the climate crisis.

Sign the call now and we’ll deliver it ahead of the meeting this Friday!