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Yemen stand with the protesters

To President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, Secretary of Defense Gates and US foreign policy officials:

We call on you to support the calls of the Yemeni people for a rapid and peaceful transition to democracy by withdrawing military support for Preident Saleh, calling on him to leave office immediately and urging Saudi Arabia to respect the rights and wishes of the protesters.

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Recent signers

Yemen stand with the protesters
Yemen is the latest in the extraordinary wave of Middle East democratic uprisings poised between a peaceful transition and a descent into bloody repression.

Thousands of nonviolent demonstrators have braved live bullets and tear gas to press for the resignation of President Saleh, in office since 1978 -- and dozens have given their lives. This week the tide has turned towards democracy -- many of Yemen’s major tribes, his own ministers and, critically, high-ranking army officials have defected from the regime and joined the protesters. Now, if Saleh’s allies -- the US and Saudi Arabia -- call for his departure, he may give up his bloody attempt to cling to power.

If we urgently call on the US to demand that Saleh stop shooting protestors and step down, we can strengthen the Yemeni people's cry for non-violent change. The US is keenly sensitive to public opinion about its actions in the Arab world. Sign on here -- the petition will be delivered to the White House as soon as it reaches 250,000 signatures.

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