Zara, Pay Garment Workers Now!

To Zara CEO, Óscar Pérez Marcote:

As consumers around the world, we call on you to ensure workers at the Bravo Tekstil factory are paid what's owed to them. We also call on you to demand that Inditex put in place a specific, time-bound plan to improve the number of facilities that pay a living wage. Wage theft is a serious crime, and a living wage should be a basic human right -- we expect Zara to stand up for these values and ensure workers’ rights are championed in every level of your supply chain.

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Last week, shoppers at Zara in Istanbul found something disturbing on store racks: secret notes sewn INTO clothing items that read "I made this item you are going to buy, but I didn’t get paid for it!"

The notes are from workers who still haven't been paid for work they did over a year ago! They've created a major scandal and Zara is reeling. Not only do these workers deserve their wages, but it's time Zara started paying a real living wage to all garment workers -- and this is our chance!

The busy holiday shopping season is days away and there’s no way Zara wants an even bigger scandal right now -- add your name to demand Zara steps up, then tell everyone.

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