Baleka Mbete: Call a Secret Vote Now!

To the South African Speaker of Parliament, Hon Baleka Mbete:

As South African citizens, from across the country and representing every political party, we call on you to urgently set a date for a new vote of no-confidence in President Jacob Zuma, and for you to hold that vote by secret ballot.

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A vote of no-confidence against Jacob Zuma is now closer than ever -- but if we don’t act fast this golden chance could be snatched away!

A court just ruled that MPs can vote secretly in a motion of no-confidence, meaning they can vote against Zuma without fear of revenge.

But Zuma won’t let this happen without a fight. Speaker Baleka Mbete is already under massive pressure to kill off the secret vote, and unless she hears from South Africans everywhere, she could side with Zuma.

Her decision could literally decide the future of our country. Let’s build an urgent call to demand a secret vote now! Sign now and share with everyone -- when this is massive we’ll deliver it direct to the Speaker!

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