Iran: Stop the Crackdown

Iran: Stop the Crackdown:

To the Organization of Islamic Conference, the Non-Aligned Movement, and all UN member states:

As citizens of Iran and countries around the world united in common appeal, we call on you to condemn the violent crackdown on peaceful Iranian protesters, and withhold recognition of any new government until the Iranian people's rights to peaceful protest, justice and democratic process are protected.
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Some photos of the crackdown in Iran. Photo Credits: Iran360, XKageX's, Getty images and AP.

Regardless of who won the election, the hearts and hopes of the world are with the democratic protesters of Iran as they face a violent crackdown.

Top Iranian leaders are divided on using violence -- we urgently need a united international community, led by non aligned and Muslim countries, to speak with one voice against the crackdown.

Sign the petition below, and forward this email to friends and family -- let's build a massive global outcry of 1 million voices against the crackdown:

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