Stop Japan's most dangerous plant now!

To NRA chairman Shunichi Tanaka, Kagoshima's governor Yuichiro Ito, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe:

The Sendai nuclear plant, which was restarted despite massive protests last year, sits right next to the active fault that caused the earthquake in Kumamoto. A government's job is to expect the “unexpected” and avoid another nuclear disaster under any circumstance. As a citizen in Japan I call on you to immediately shut down this plant which volcanologists call the “most dangerous plant in the world” -- to ensure the safety of the people in Kyushu and across Japan.
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The Sendai nuclear plant is only about 150 kilometers away from the epicenter of the disastrous Kumamoto/Oita earthquake. People in Kyushu are scared of another quake and are calling on the government to shut down Sendai -- but the NRA has been defiant, arguing to keep it online.

Despite massive protests, Sendai was restarted last year, even though volcanologists call it "the most dangerous plant in Japan"! If another quake melts down Sendai, Kyushu island and its seas could be devastated, destroying the region's beautiful nature and the livelihood of its residents.

Nuclear plants don’t belong in an "Earthquake Empire" like Japan. Let’s join forces and call for an immediate shutdown for Sendai -- sign now and share with everyone! Once we reach 10,000 signers, we'll make sure NRA chairman Shunichi Tanaka hears us loud and clear.

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