US, EU: Save Africa's lions!

To US and EU authorities:

As concerned citizens deeply disturbed by the tragic killing of Cecil the lion, we urge you to act swiftly to stop the decline in lion populations across Africa. We call on you to ensure they are classified as an endangered species and ban the import of any hunting trophies that threaten the survival of these majestic animals.
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Posted: 4 August  2011
An American dentist has made headlines for brutally shooting down a magnificent lion named Cecil.

But his despicable act has given us a fleeting opportunity to save the world’s lions.

Wealthy Americans and Europeans like him go to Africa and pay to hunt lions and other exotic animals for sport, and send their trophies home.

If all of us act right now we can get the US and Europe to ban the import of trophies when they threaten the survival of these majestic animals. Some leaders are already considering it -- but to win, we need an unprecedented global outpouring of support.

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