Congress: Save Oak Flat

To Members of the US Congress and Interior Secretary Sally Jewell:

As concerned people from across the world, we believe the recent rider to the National Defense Authorization Act that opens up National Forest land in Arizona to copper mining, land held sacred by the San Carlos Apache, is an outrage likely tied to campaign spending by the mining industry. We the undersigned demand immediate repeal or amendment of this rider, and an apology to the local Apache whose cultural heritage is being put up for sale. 
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The US government says a giant company can mine Oak Flat, a beautiful stretch of land long held sacred by Native American people. But if we stand with Apache leaders when they rally in Washington DC this week, we can help block this disgraceful deal.

US lawmakers with links to mining interests used devious tactics to grant permission to trash part of a protected national forest. Then the Apache fought back with a land occupation and via the media. They’ve persuaded some representatives to take their side, and now it’s crunch time in Congress.

Apache leaders will start meeting lawmakers in hours. If enough of us back their call today, we can build their strength to save the sacred land they’ve used for generations, and send a strong message to governments around the world that indigenous lands and culture are not for sale. Sign now.

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