Save Vaquita

To the Standing Committee of CITES:

We call on you to do all you can to save the endangered vaquita and totoaba by adopting a series of recommendations that will require China to dramatically improve enforcement in the trade in fish maw.
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Vaquita There are only 97 of these adorable vaquitas left in the wild, and they could be completely wiped out in just a few years. But if we put enough pressure on a small group of government officials meeting right now, we could save the vaquita.

Vaquitas are rare porpoises who only live in Mexico’s gulf waters. These sweet and timid mini-dolphins drown when they get caught in nets used to catch another species called the totoaba, which is also a critically endangered fish!! -- one that's hunted because it's bladder is highly-valued in China and elsewhere for phony medicinal purposes.

The good news is that we can do something about this -- last year, a massive global push got the Mexican government to impose a ban on the fishing nets that trap the vaquita. And this week, an international committee in charge of trade in endangered species could introduce enforcement measures that would crack down on China's markets and end the killer hunt. Sign the urgent petition and share it with everyone!

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