Sterilised while she slept

To US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

We call on you to publicly condemn forced sterilisations and other human rights abuses inside Uzbekistan. We urge you to end the flood of cash and re-impose sanctions on the Uzbek regime until independent experts confirm these atrocities have ended. Finally, we call on you to ensure that military assistance to Uzbekistan is contingent on wide-ranging improvements in human rights. 
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The Uzbek government has brought back a birth control strategy from the dark ages -- forcibly sterilising new mothers as they recover from childbirth.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could put a stop to this practice by playing hardball with Uzbekistan’s dictator Karimov -- who gets hundreds of millions from US military contracts to fund his lavish lifestyle. Let’s show that the world expects her to stand up for women’s most fundamental rights by sending thousands of “texts from Hillary”, a recent internet meme, urging her to put a stop to this barbaric practice.

Journalists have blown the lid on the secret sterilisations -- now let’s make Karimov so notorious that Secretary Clinton is forced to reintroduce sanctions. Sign the petition and send your own “text from Hillary” to the Uzbek dictator: