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What is #WorthSaving from Climate Change?

To remind people what’s worth saving from climate change and worth getting out in the streets to stand up for, we’ve teamed up with an all star video crew to tell the story of why the human race is #worthsaving, and get even more people inspired to join us in The People’s Climate March.

To tell this powerful story, we need real, inspiring moments from people around the world. And there’s no group better to do this than Avaazers. We’re spread across every corner of the globe, and we demonstrate every day that there is beauty and hope even as we work to create the more just world we want. Here are 3 easy steps to participate in the #worthsaving video:

1. Find an old video clip that you love or film something new
2. Upload your video to YouTube
3. Email [email protected] with the YouTube link to your video

Some things you might be wondering:

What should my video be?
We’re looking for 5-10 seconds of moving, funny, real, everyday moments that illustrate how wonderful and valuable humanity is. This could be something new that you film just for this occasion or it could be some footage that you have from the past, a great sunset, a friend smiling at you, the time you went to the rainforest, that amazing birthday party. Whatever moves you, gives you chills, or makes your heart swell will resonate with others.

*Extra Points:
If you decide to shoot something new, extra points if you can work a green heart or the #worthsaving hashtag into your video.

How long should my video be?
We are looking for footage that is 5-10 seconds long. We know this is super short. You can submit up to 30 seconds of video, but please know that we’ll most likely only use a few seconds of it to capture as many different moments as possible.

What should I say in my video clip?
We don’t need you to say anything. The video will be set to music and will include voice over. So all we will be using from you is the moving imagery.

What is the deadline for submission?
Your YouTube link has to be emailed to us by Monday, August 11.

How will I know if you’ve used my footage? How do I use Youtube?
If you don't already have a YouTube account, please head over to YouTube and sign up for an account, and check out these Youtube FAQs.

How will Avaaz use my footage?
If we select your footage, we will edit it into the #worthsaving video along with other Avaaz member footage and celebrity footage. This video will be used to promote The People’s Climate March far and wide. Here is our Terms of Use for your reference.