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Disinformation has the potential to change public opinion, amplify an issue, and even change the course of elections.

These attacks sow division, disparage organizations and individuals, and promote dangerous inaccuracies. But our movement of over 65 million Avaazers is the force we need to counter this. Together, we’re correcting the record and holding tech companies and governments accountable!

Latest reports How are we fighting disinfo?

The most impactful thing we’ve ever done?!

The historic law that can force Big Tech to change - and how we helped deliver it!

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Social media companies are not ready to comply with new EU regulation.
How health experts became targets on Facebook & Co.
How Facebook Fails to Keep Up with the Evolving Tactics of Today’s Climate Misinformers
Researchers peer under the lid of Facebook’s “black box,” uncovering how its algorithm accelerates anti-vaccine content
Decades-old climate misinformation takes on new viral forms in the social media age, racking up 25 million estimated views on Facebook in President Biden's first 2 months in office.
As Europe enters a third COVID-19 wave, our research finds that Facebook is failing to protect Europeans from dangerous misinformation.
How Facebook Failed Voters and Nearly Set Democracy Aflame.
The viral disinformation about George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Jacob Blake.
Facebook is allowing ‘repeat misinformers’ to flood the platform with clones of misinformation, racking up 142M views and counting.
Avaaz uncovers health misinformation spreading networks with an estimated 3.8 billion views in the last year - and shows how to quarantine this infodemic.
With five months left until US Presidential elections, findings indicate Facebook’s current efforts remain far from what’s needed to protect American voters.
Study indicates Facebook is rife with bogus cures and conspiracy theories that remain on the platform long enough to put millions of people at risk.
Study indicates Facebook is rife with bogus cures and conspiracy theories that remain on the platform long enough to put millions of people at risk.
Research commissioned by Avaaz and conducted by leading experts proves that providing corrections to social media users who have seen false or misleading information can decrease belief in disinformation by half.
YouTube is driving its users to climate misinformation and the world’s most trusted brands are paying for it.
Investigation finds a fake news tidal wave in 2020 could be bigger than 2016 — unless Facebook redoubles effort to curb disinformation and implement Correct the Record immediately.
A new study reveals that half of the viral fake news in Brazil originated in the US and how misinformation may be reducing vaccination rates in Brazil.
Tsunami of hate speech hits Indians on Facebook who are in danger of losing their citizenship.
EU wide disinformation networks reaching half a billion views ahead of EU elections taken down after Avaaz investigation.
WhatsApp was the primary social network in Spain as the source of false, misleading, racist or hateful posts in the run up to Spanish elections in 2019.
Disinformation and fake news stories in the Yellow Vest Facebook groups and pages reached over 105 million views in a five month period.
A proposal calling on tech platforms to work together with fact-checkers to correct everyone exposed to false or misleading content.

Avaaz Ethical Research Principles

Survivors of Tech Harm

Facebook survivors

Watch and read real life testimonies

What happens online doesn't stay online. Real lives are harmed by Big Tech every day. Here are some of the brave individuals who are fighting for justice. Watch their stories and submit your own.

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How are we fighting disinfo?

We identify misinformation

We are writing robust reports and holding social media companies accountable. Platforms must agree to prioritize transparency, but until they do, our team is dedicated to uncovering the scale of the problem.

We oversee and hold tech companies and governments accountable

By ensuring third-party oversight with teeth, we can verify that tech companies are doing their utmost to manage and mitigate pervasive disinformation and manipulation in our privately-owned public squares.

We establish a civil-liability framework

Through our reporting, advocacy, and legal team, our community is paving the way for an international civil-liability framework to deter disinfo campaigns in a space that currently has no direct consequences for running them.

How we
can protect

The urgent threat of disinformation and how we can protect ourselves

Disinformation spreads distrust, fear, and lies. But the more we know about it, the more we can stop it -- share this briefing with friends and family to educate them on the disinformation threat. And read on to see how you to protect yourself!

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Counteracting Disinformation:
Avaaz 5 Legislative Principles

Avaaz has developed 5 legislative principles that should be at the foundation of any initiative to fight disinformation. It is a comprehensive regulatory proposal based on the principles of transparency, responsibility, and freedom. We’ve consulted deeply with academics, lawmakers, civil society, and social media executives to arrive at 5 legislative principles that must inform any democratic effort at legislation:

  • Correct the Record

  • Detox the Algorithm

  • Ban Fake Accounts and unlabeled bots

  • Label paid content and disclose targeting

  • Transparency

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